Pokémon Go players had to go back to interacting with a Pokémon-free world for several hours Saturday after hackers took the mega-popular game out of commission. As ABC 7 reports, this all happened the same day that the game launched in 26 new countries, and the hack occurred shortly after this launch. The attack caused the game to freeze, or prevented players from accessing it altogether.

A group identifying itself as PoodleCorp took credit for the distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack and warned that a bigger attack was on its way. The UK Independent reports that PoodleCorp tweeted about the attack, and a user claiming to be a leader of the group said "Just was a lil test, we will do something on a larger scale soon."

The game has now been downloaded over 10 million times across the US and Europe, making it one of the most popular games ever created despite only having launched 10 days ago.

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