German-American entrepreneur Peter Thiel knows a good thing when he sees it. That's what made him the first outside investor in Facebook, on whose board he now serves. It's what lead him to secretly (shhhh!!) fund Hulk Hogan's successful lawsuit against Gawker, the very bad, no good, mean and bad media company who may or may not have outed him as gay but this is definitely not about that.

Yet perhaps most importantly, Thiel knows he sees a good thing in presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. That's why Thiel, a known Trump supporter and pledged delegate for him will speak on his behalf at the Republican National Convention. Recode reported that Thiel had secured the speaking slot on the same evening as former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and the Donald himself. Thiel will speak on the fourth and final night of the festivities according to the New York Times.

One shared philosophy of Messrs. Trump and Thiel? A seemingly blasé attitude toward free speech and the press. For example, another lawsuit against Gawker, not necessarily funded by Thiel but argued by the same lawyer he has used in the past, surrounds a story the publication ran suggesting that Trump's hair is nothing more than a $60,000 weave. Nothing is as it seems!

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