Of course this week couldn't end without KRON 4's Stanley Roberts doing a "People Behaving Badly" segment about Pokémon Go players walking into lampposts and getting mugged, and indeed he uses the segment as a catchall for all the troubling things that have come up as the game has exploded. He notes that Hollister police have issued a "Don't Drive and Pokémon" warning after someone apparently crashed their car while chasing the virtual creatures in their phone.

He gets shamed by his daughter when he says he's "investigating" the Pokémon Go craze, and she tells him "investigating" is just another word for "playing."

He also talks to some people hanging around Lake Merced trying to catch Pokémon, and he talks to a girl about why people are out there at 1 a.m. "That's when all the good Pokémon come out," she says.

You heard it here, nerds.

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