The sordid tale of a minor allegedly exploited for sex and trafficked by numerous members of East Bay law enforcement continues to deepen, as we learn today via the East Bay Express that amid the ongoing scandal a federal officer may have tried to pimp the teenager referred to in the press as Celeste Guap (not her real name).

The publication claims that text messages show William K. Johnson, who works as a guard for a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense, tried to convince Guap to prostitute herself via "BP" — an acronym the paper says stands for sex-worker site — and pay him.

"Ur supposed to make us rich," screengrabs of the purported exchange show Johnson texting the teenager.

"Lol okokok how?!," she responded.

"BP," he wrote.

It got more explicit later, with Johnson reportedly texting her "Waiting for u to make us$$$$." Guap then replied, "Lol I'll pay you daddy; )"

"Ok....when will you start," Johnson is accused of writing back. "How much can you pay me?"

The East Bay Express spoke with Guap, who shared her confusion as to the entire situation. According to her, Johnson got in touch with her via Instagram in May only after she had already been in the news. "If you know I'm in the middle of a police sex scandal, why get involved with me?" wondered Guap.

"He hit me up after this news fucking broke," Guap told Fox 40. "And we hooked up that same day probably a month ago. That was the first and last time, and he wants to again, but I don't text him back."

"He knew I was a hooker," she emphasized.

According to KQED News, Guap was 18 at the time Johnson reached out to her. The publication reports that Johnson's employer, the San Joaquin County-based Defense Logistics Agency, has opened an investigation into the case and has reassigned Johnson to administrative duties.

Johnson is likely the "federal enforcement officer based in Stockton" mentioned in reports from mid-June regarding the number of law enforcement officers connected to Guap.

This latest addition to the scandal comes right after Richmond Police reportedly tried to put Guap on a plane to Miami and public defenders in Alameda and Contra Costa counties announced a review of all cases handled by officers caught up in the scandal.

Johnson, for his part, would not comment on the investigation when reached by the East Bay Express.

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