A San Francisco man's quiet evening at home was abruptly shattered Wednesday, when a bullet tore through his ceiling and struck him in the leg.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, a 24-year-old male resident of the 200 block of Serrano Drive (which borders the campus of San Francisco State University) made the decision to clean his handgun at 10:30 Wednesday evening.

Unfortunately, police say, the gun owner made the classic error of failing to check the weapon's chamber for ammunition before he began the cleaning process.

And there was indeed a bullet in the chamber, according to the SFPD! As the weapon washer began his task, he allegedly discharged the gun. The bullet ripped through the floor of his residence and into the home of his 63-year-old neighbor, striking the latter man in the leg.

The shooting victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital, police say, with injuries that aren't considered life-threatening. An SFPD spokesperson says it's "unknown" if the alleged shooter was arrested, and declined to comment on what, if any, consequences he might face.