An apparently new outfit called VanDeGraph just produced this YouTube explainer for everyone who doesn't understand the difference between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, or what defines the Bay Area. The video features some rapid-fire narration the briefly summarizes the companies that first made Silicon Valley a center of technology innovation starting in the 1950's, and maps out the locations of all the major players today, some of which exist outside the Santa Clara Valley proper, like Facebook and Twitter, which are in San Mateo and San Francisco Counties, respectively, thus creating the popular confusion about what defines the Valley.

The narrator, however, also appears to not be from around here — he pronounces "Marin" like "Mare-in," and he makes the unfortunate joke about Oakland that it's "a good place to live if you're poor and only make $100,000 a year."

I'll just let the commenter gallery run with that one.

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