The victims of a Fillmore District mugging got a happy ending Tuesday, when the tracker in their stolen phone led police to their robbers...and reunited them with their stuff.

It was 7:20 Tuesday when an 18 and 19-year-old man were approached by two 18-year-olds near Webster Street and Golden Gate Avenue, according to a report from the San Francisco Police Department.

The approaching teens came up from behind their soon-to-be victims, and snatched one of the men's backpacks from his grasp, police say.

Though the victims argued for a moment, in the end they handed over their property. The suspects fled on foot, stolen cell phone, wallet, and backpack in hand, according to police.

However! One of the victims had a tracking program (like Samsung's Find My Mobile, Apple's Find My iPhone, etc) installed on his device, police say. He used that program to track his cell phone, and reported its location to police, who took off in pursuit.

Police say that officers swiftly found and detained the suspects, who were then positively identified by the victims. The victims' property was also recovered, police say, and was returned to them. The alleged muggers were arrested, and were booked into San Francisco County Jail.