As San Francisco officials consider moving tech-shuttle stops away from their current 125 assigned locations and into clustered "hubs," the SFMTA has begun the complicated task of determining just where, exactly, such hubs might be located. The Examiner reports that the city agency asked interested residents to answer a survey as to where they would like to see such stops, and, perhaps predictably, the open-ended survey elicited a range of responses.

Now that the survey has closed (yesterday was the last day to submit responses), we thought it would be interesting to see what the measured and calm citizens of San Francisco think about the potential remaking of the tech-shuttle system. We reached out to the SFMTA, and the agency was kind enough to provide us with the complete survey results (some identifying information was redacted). Below is a sampling of the more than 1,000 responses, broken down into three groups, for your reading pleasure.

In Favor of Hubs:

  • "Establish a single tech-shuttle terminal in the Mission Bay area adjacent to freeway access and have all shuttles leave from there. If needed, establish additional Muni service to bring shuttle users to the terminal. Ban shuttles from stopping anywhere else in the city."
  • "Hubs would be much better than the current system where there are many stops with huge buses often on narrow streets where they sometimes can't even turn a corner without going on the sidewalk."
  • "I think there should only be one location in the city where private shuttles can pick up and drop off workers who then take public transportation to get to and from this location."

Opposed to Hubs:

  • "A hub and spoke system would increase my (and other folks') commute times significantly. I will likely not be able to see my children in the morning or at night as a result. Please do not do this."
  • "A hub program is only going to lead to more commuters carpooling instead of taking shuttles. That means more traffic in these neighbourhoods [sic]."
  • "A shuttle hub is a stupid idea. Let the shuttles continue to run as they are now. The system works great as it is. It takes hundreds of cars off the road every day. Leave the system as it is."

The "Burn It All" Contingent:

  • "Get techies the fuck out the bay, they have ruined and displaced everything that made the bay great."
  • "Go home."
  • "Nope."
  • "This 'shuttle' program is total bullshit - elitist transport for the select bedroom silicon valley twits that should be contributing to existing transit thru taxes."

When asked to propose possible locations, around 50 respondents answered with some variation of "nowhere."

It appears SFMTA officials have their work cut out for them.

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