It's a question we ask every pre-holiday long weekend. How can we finally, once and for all, solve the problem of homelessness? OK, OK, that is not actually what we always ask: After all, if anyone has it in them to find a solution to anything, it's not someone 1) screwing around on the internet 2) at 1 p.m. on a Friday 3) right before a long holiday weekend begins. We're all spent.

So, why are you still at work?

Obviously, whatever you have to accomplish is non-demanding enough that you can sit there reading SFist, so why not just start the weekend?

Is it your boss? Christ, is that jerk still there? Why couldn't he or she "work from home" today like a normal person? I get it, you have to kill time until they leave. Understood.

Or maybe there's some other mission-critical task you have to get done before you can leave today, and you're just taking a little break. If so, we salute you..and after all, we're still here, too, so we sympathize.

So let it all out. Tell us what you're up to that's keeping you from beginning your three lovely days of freedom. We're dying to commiserate.

Everyone else: Go home! Or go somewhere. Get off the internet. Go live your life.