Apple is apparently making a play to up its streaming game, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that the Cupertino-based company is in talks with Tidal to buy the company. Acquiring the Jay Z-run company would add a host of artists to Apple Music and could help Apple compete with the Swedish-based Spotify.

Tidal has distinguished itself from competitors by making its streaming service subscription only — there is no add-supported version — and offering a higher fidelity stream. The company has also signed exclusive deals with artists like the late Prince, although some of those exclusivity deals have later come into question.

It should be noted that the WSJ cautions that at this stage there are only "talks," and they might not even end up in a deal. What's more, a Tidal spokesperson reportedly denied that talks are even talking place, so who knows what's really going on.

According to Cnet, Tidal, which costs $20 a month, has 3 million subscribers. That compares to 15 million on Apple Music and 30 million on Spotify.

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