Fire dancing! Communal dinners! People cutting each others' hair and frolicking together on the beach! Chateau Ubuntu has it all. This 38-person (!), 10-bedroom house near Alamo Square rents spots for $650 to $1,050 per month, as SF Gate reports, via this Craigslist ad. The lower the price, the more people you're sharing a room with — up to six people. And of course it has its own promotional video, and Instagram.

Chris, Adalyn by the firepit.

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And, as the ad puts it, "We see sharing as an opportunity, not a sacrifice. Think of it as a practice in communication and connection."

Yes, and you will be forced to enjoy impromptu music performances, and to hug everyone.

Interested applicants need to submit this 35-question questionnaire, and as they say, "We’re not looking for bodies to fill a room; we’re looking for dynamic, authentic, and all-around awesome people, so please express yourself in your application."

I'm really sorry it's come to this.

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