A ban on tour busses clogging the four streets that ring Alamo Square took effect in 2013, however that hasn't stopped some operators of smaller — but still illegal — short busses from taking people to see the Full House houses.

KRON 4's Stanley Roberts shines a light on the shuttle buses that continue to tour the square, despite the law and ample signage saying that vehicles with eight or more seats are prohibited in the area — tech shuttles excluded. He also, charmingly, takes a minute to shame everyone for not knowing that the exterior shot of the house where the Tanners of Full House actually lived is up on Broderick Street in an entirely different neighborhood.

But, the Painted Ladies of Steiner Street remain an enduring tourist destination, as proven by the uproar that followed Rec & Park's recent effort to fence off the park that stymied many a photo opportunity, and their subsequent decision to let people back up on the hill for their selfies.

Meanwhile, three years on, there's still a Facebook group devoted to Tour Buses Behaving Badly.

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