Celeste Guap, the 18-year-old Oakland prostitute who had sex with over a dozen OPD officers as well as a half dozen in the Richmond PD, and allegedly three in the SFPD, sat down for an exclusive, on-camera interview with ABC 7 reporter Dan Noyes in which she reveals some new information in the case. First of all, after we've gotten differing reports about the numbers of officers involved from various jurisdictions, Guap confirms that she had sexual encounters with 32 difference law enforcement officers, 16 of them with the Oakland PD — though she says she has kept some of their names to herself, despite having turned over cell phone data that's incriminated a number of them. Also, while she says she had the liaisons in exchange for information and protection from the cops, she seems a little bitter about the fact that only three of the 32 ever paid for her services.

Coincidentally, he interviews in a Richmond park where cops would sometimes bring her for sex.

More dramatically, in a separate piece of the interview that you can watch below, Guap reveals exactly how and why the story broke in the first place — and it's all because she was upset that the original officer whom she considered her protector ignored a phone call she made to him on her 18th birthday.

That officer was Brendan O'Brien, who himself was reeling from the suicide of wife last year, and who met Guap in February 2015 when she was running from a pimp in East Oakland. She tells ABC 7 that while O'Brien knew that Guap had trysts with other officers on the force, "We [would] tell each other you're my only, you know, like that, but he knew what it was."

She traveled to Puerto Rico to celebrate her 18th birthday, and she says when she found herself drunk and alone in a "rough area" in a bikini, her cell phone about to die, she called O'Brien for some long-distance help, and he ignored her call. This led to her making threats that she would expose him for having had sex with her when she was 17, which she did — sending him a screenshot of a message she sent to a commanding officer, an OPD sergeant, detailing her underage affairs with O'Brien and several other officers. Authorities then believe O'Brien took his own life within hours. This was in September 2015.

Guap appears to have some guilt about this, and perhaps some anger toward the dozens of other officers who contacted her for sex over the ensuing months.

She is, however, protecting at least 10 officers who provided information that kept her and some friends from being arrested.

She claims that she had sex with three SFPD officers (previously we'd heard of two), apparently after turning 18, and four Alameda County sheriff's deputies have already been cleared in their own cases because they had consensual sex with her, for no money, after she was of age.

This scandal, along with a couple of others revealed this month, has roiled the already troubled Oakland Police Department at a time when some believed it had turned a corner. After having to fire three different chiefs, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf put a civilian temporarily in charge of hiring and administration for the department, Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth.

Guap continues to "work a corner" in East Oakland, and her mother is still employed with the Oakland PD as a dispatcher. She says she first had sex for money at the age of 12 when she lived in Richmond.

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