Remember when the Nema building on Market published that neighborhood map that didn't include the Castro but in its place was "Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights." Well, it's long been common custom for SF realtors to list properties as being in Eureka Valley that are really, technically, in the Castro, which is the name adopted for the neighborhood by the gay community and far more commonly used post-1970. But as Curbed explores in an intriguing new piece, it gets a bit more complicated than that — and it may just be a quirk of history and the way the city's real estate district maps were drawn years ago.

Curbed speaks with several realtors who explain that the "Castro" designation is a neighborhood within a larger subdistrict called Eureka Valley, which itself is in MLS District 5, and it encompasses everything up to 22nd Street and over to Upper Market, as well as Corona Heights, most of Duboce Triangle, and Dolores Heights where Zuckerberg's new manse stands on 21st.

Realtor Danielle Lazier explains, "The Board of Realtors has not always been the most diverse; however, it's equally plausible that the Castro was not yet in common usage as the neighborhood's name when the map was drawn."

But the realtors get a little weird when they try to describe how "Castro" connotes an "affinity group," i.e. LGBT people and specifically gay men, and how "Eureka Valley" sounds sexier and/or "more mature" for many buyers.

Do other cities have this problem? Realtors in Seattle or New York don't try to pretend like Capitol Hill and Chelsea aren't there — even if Chelsea is barely gay anymore.

Further, the SF realtors try to say that The Castro proper is really just four square blocks, essentially Castro Street between Market and 19th, and a couple blocks of 18th — most of which is lined with rental property — and the single-family homes and duplexes and triplexes up on the hills with views are all "Eureka Valley."

But if someone says they're going to Noe and 17th, that's the Castro right? And Sanchez and 18th? Yes, that's also the Castro. And 19th and Hartford? Castro. Some would even argue that Church Street is still the Castro.

A straight couple with kids moving from Seattle or Boston would probably rather tell their friends that they bought a house in Eureka Valley, though. And then go complaining to the neighborhood association when they have to walk by window displays of dildos.

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