Somebody is getting married — possibly Doris — and we find out from the Looking finale movie trailer that we're jumping ahead a couple of years in time with Patrick, Dom, Augustin and the gang from where Season 2 left off. Patrick (Jonathan Groff) did, indeed, break things off with Kevin (Russell Tovey), who now has blond hair (!), and he moved to Colorado. It looks like the movie opens with Patrick returning to SF for a wedding, running into Richie, getting some kind of closure with Kevin, getting love advice from a wedding-performing judge played by Tyne Daly, and partying with his friends.

And once again, San Francisco looks very pretty, Augustin is still annoying, and we're probably going to all feel sad saying goodbye to everyone.

Also: Do Patrick and Dom end up together?? No, right?!

Groff and some of the cast will likely be here in SF for the Frameline red carpet premiere at the Castro Theatre Sunday night, for which there aren't any tickets left but you may have some luck standing in line before showtime and grabbing an unoccupied seat at the last minute. It is Pride Sunday, after all, and maybe not everyone will show up.

For the rest of us, we'll be waiting until Saturday, July 23 at 10 p.m., when the movie will air on HBO.

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