In what will come as a surprise to no one, it turns out that fancy tech shuttle or no, the employees of Facebook are pretty sick of the commute to the Menlo Park company's headquarters. The Business Times picked up a report by industry journal The Information noting that Facebook employees really want the company to open a San Francisco office. Mark Zuckerberg, however, will apparently have none of it.

"One of the most consistently high-ranking requests Facebook employees make in an annual survey gauging their happiness is for an office in San Francisco, reducing the commute to Menlo Park for city residents, former employees said," reports The Information. "It has come up at several all-hands meetings in the past year. At one recent meeting, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees that he believes employees should be clustered together and near the executive team for cultural reasons, according to people who were present at the meeting."

Not all tech companies agree with this logic, a fact which is perhaps best exemplified by San Francisco-based Uber's 2015 purchase of the former Sears building in Oakland. According to The Information, Uber views this move as a recruiting tool — Facebook engineers that are sick of commuting from SF or the East Bay to Menlo Park could work for Uber and drastically cut their commute time.

As to the simpler, more straightforward idea of moving closer to work? Some tech workers, like all those people living in vans on the Google campus, have taken this idea to an extreme. Others observe that finding housing is super tough in Silicon Valley, and still others would just rather live in SF — and can you blame them?

If things keep going the way they are currently, Facebook may be forced to rethink its policy — Zuck-approved or not — if it wants to continue to recruit top talent.

And Facebook may indeed be starting to crack — the company is currently listing five job openings in San Francisco. However, those are all for the company's VR system Oculus Rift, and do not appear to be part of a larger move to SF — fact which, for most employees, is probably annoying.

"Uber's expansion may fuel simmering employee dissatisfaction at Facebook," concludes The Information, "where complaints about the 30-mile traffic-clogged commute have persisted despite the company's unwillingness to rethink the issue."

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