Have you ever wanted to see talented cats perform acrobatic stunts? Of course you have. How about rock-star cats jamming out some serious tunes? Double of course you have. Well guess what, dear reader, now you can as The Amazing Acro-Cats are in town playing through this weekend at Fort Mason.

The group, made up of rescued cats, travels the country performing for crowds — donating a portion of proceeds to local animal care efforts in the city they visit. In this case, the money is being donated to the nonprofit Cat Town.

"Our mission is to show cat lovers how to improve their relationship with their furr ever friends through positive reinforcements resulting in long-lasting and beneficial behaviors," the group explains. "A component of this mission is forming partnerships that involve fostering and finding homes for cats and kittens as our troupe of former orphans and strays travel from city to city in a custom cat bus."

Yes, you read that correctly: They have a custom cat bus. Check it:


Would you like to see videos of the cats in action? Silly me, what a dumb question. Of course you would.

And here's some video of them rocking out (notice the chicken in the bottom right corner — it's name is Cluck Norris).

Tickets range from $25 to $35 dollars.

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Photo of their tour bus by Amber Schadewald.