It what appears to be semi-common occurrence these days, early morning Wednesday a man reportedly got into a random car thinking it was his taxi. Unfortunately for the unnamed 49-year-old, KRON 4 reports that the car was definitely not his ride (hailed or otherwise). Instead of simply telling him to "get out," the people in the car robbed the would-be passenger.

This all went down around 2:30 a.m. on the 700 block of O'Farrell Street, the Chronicle reports, and although the victim in this case was not beaten like the 30-year-old man in a similar case in April of last year, he was robbed of his phone, bag, cash, wallet and electronic tablet.

Interestingly, both the Chronicle and KRON 4 say that the car had two people in it, both of whom "got out of the vehicle" before robbing the man and then fleeing in an unknown direction. If the man was in the car, and the suspects got out of it to rob him before they took off, it seems like they left the man — now bereft of his belongings — in the car.

Let's take this as another opportunity to remind you to always make sure the car you are getting into is the one you hailed — be it Uber, Lyft, or just a straight up taxi. If you can, double check the license plate — just seeing an Uber or Lyft decal isn't enough.

As of yesterday, the suspects had not been located.

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