Ah, Stanley. Leave it to KRON 4's resident finger-wagger and stickler for the rules, Stanley Roberts, to figure out that a whole slew of street signs posted along Muni routes have a typo on them that's been present for a good seven years or more. These are signs that warn drivers along above-ground Muni Metro routes that it's illegal to pass the trains on the right when passengers are exiting, citing California Vehicle Code 21765a. Stanley finds dozens of examples of the signs along the L line on Taraval, but there's a problem.

"You see, there is no vehicle code 21765a. Nope, it doesn't exist," says Stanley. Yes, the real vehicle code, which is correct on some older signs, is 21756a, and of course no one has noticed because no one looks up these things, but nonetheless there is now going to be an investigation at the SFMTA to figure out who screwed this up seven-plus years ago.

Stanley was just going to follow up on an older story he did about how no one pays attention to these signs and people pass Muni light-rail vehicles all the time, potentially endangering exiting passengers. But, instead, the people behaving badly here work at at the SFMTA.

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