At the start of last season, no one saw the Warriors ending the year by hoisting up the Larry O’Brien Trophy. At that time, they were a cute, little team that had made some noise in the playoffs the previous two years, and were looking to the future with a new coach. The future arrived ahead of schedule. The Warriors rampaged through the league, winning 67 games in an absurdly stacked Western Conference, and lost only five games in the post-season en route to becoming NBA champs. Everyone said it was a magical season — not always as a compliment.

Almost immediately after the Warriors completed their conquest of the NBA, there were grumblings about the new champions. he Warriors’ path to the Finals was too easy, they said (never mind that the Cavaliers had an easier one). The Warriors lucked out in the Finals by playing a Cleveland team missing two of their top three players, they said. To which the Bay replied with “kiss the ring.” On the one hand, you earn the number one seed to get that easy path, and you can only play the team in front of you. On the other hand, they did have a point.

In last year’s Finals, the Cavaliers were without their young point-guard, Kyrie Irving, and their new acquisition, Kevin Love. In their absence, LeBron James went absolutely HAM, and Matthew Dellavedova became a relevant name in basketball for about two days. It wasn’t enough. If only Kyrie and Love were healthy, they said.

The Warriors responded this season by breaking all the records. All of them. They also beat a fully healthy Cavaliers team twice in the regular season, including an absolute demolition. Those wins temporarily quieted those who ached to see the Cavs take the Dubs down a smidge. But that’s old news now. The Cavaliers just tore through their post-season and have reached their final form. The Warriors just took the hardest post-season punch anyone could throw and smiled. And now they meet again. This is the Finals. This is the Warriors v. the Cavaliers. This is the rematch everyone wanted and now it's here. So tonight, grab a seat at any of these spots and settle in. This is gonna be good.

NBA Finals
Golden State Warriors v. Cleveland Cavaliers

Thursday, June 2: Warriors at home, 6 PM (ABC)
Sunday, June 5: Warriors at home, 5 PM (ABC)
Wednesday, June 8: Warriors at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)
Friday, June 10: Warriors at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)
Monday, June 13: Warriors at home, 6 PM (ABC)
Thursday, June 16: Warriors at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)
Sunday, June 19: Warriors at home, 5 PM (ABC)