The case of the murder of Keith Green, a 27-year-old Millbrae father of two, just got a new sinister detail. Though a recently updated Facebook page, now unactivated but cached, showed murder suspect Olivier Adella, a.k.a. Olivier Bredenstein with a new baby and blonde wife in recent months, a woman who claims to still be legally married to him says she's been in hiding from him for "several years," and he isn't who he claims to be. He is, indeed, a mixed martial arts fighter, as we noted last week, but she tells ABC 7 that otherwise, he isn't who he says he is. And, she says, "He's a con artist and he is a very violent person."

The woman, who declined to be identified, said she is cooperating with the investigation into Green's death, and that she's been living in fear of Adella ever since she tried to serve him divorce papers and he was unhappy with his potential financial obligations. The woman says that she has been married to him since 2005, and that he threatened to kill her and her entire family.

Also, she says, he had a third alias he used before he met her: Mustafa Traore.

ABC 7 had been looking to Facebook items like a limo company he claimed to own, which they say just led to a PO Box in San Bruno. He said he was from the Ivory Coast and claimed to have served in the French Foreign Legion and had degrees from universities in France, but his alleged wife says, "None of that is true!"

The woman said she reached out to the station after seeing their reports about his arrest, alongside fellow suspects Tiffany Li and Kaveh Bayat.

What we know so far of the story is that Li and Bayat were both arrested on May 21, ten days after the body of Keith Green was discovered in some woods in Healdsburg. He had been reported missing weeks earlier, and until last year, he had been in a relationship with Li, and had two children with her. According to friends, Li and Green had been in an ongoing battle over the dissolution of their relationship after Li had an affair with Bayat, Green's friend, and Green had refused to sign a separation agreement that apparently gave him a lump sum along with monthly cash payments, as well as a Range Rover. Custody of the children may have been part of the ongoing fight.

Green's roommates said they had not seen him since he went to meet Li at the Pancake House in Burlingame on April 29.

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