An Amtrak train and an SUV collided in San Leandro this afternoon, killing two people.

NBC Bay Area reports that rescue teams were on the scene but the car was trapped beneath the train. Meanwhile, KTVU learns that the victims were a mother and her three-year-old child.

The collision occurred on the railroad tracks near Washington Avenue and Halcyon Drive. The circumstances of the collision remain unknown.

Just yesterday, he Chronicle writes that a man was hit and killed in San Leandro by Amtrak, and around the Bay Area, two more were killed by trains, one by Caltrain and one by BART.

KTVU has updated their coverage with information from Amtrak. The train in question was Capitol Corridor Train No. 532 en route from San Jose to Sacramento, which, in the area of the collision, might have been going as fast as 79 mph.

A witness tells KTVU that the SUV was stopped on the tracks when it was hit, and a KTVU reporter tweets that the car was stuck in traffic when it was hit and dragged by the train.

Roads in the area that have been closed are back open according to the San Leandro Police Department.

The East Bay Times reports that no one aboard the train was hurt in the crash. The SUV was dragged a quarter of a mile under the car of the train, they confirm.