I’m not even mad—that was amazing. The final score was OKC 133, Warriors 105, but the Warriors should have lost by fifty. In fact, by the end of the third quarter, a fifty point loss is what I wanted to see. Why the hell not? Let's break all the records!

There are no words to describe the Warriors’ performance last night, so there’s no point in trying. They just straight up got murked. People, it was 72-47 at the half! And in the third-quarter, the quarter in which the Warriors had to cut that lead down to a dozen, the Thunder ADDED a dozen! They scored 45 motherloving points! In a quarter! 117-80 after three. RIP Warriors.

It is beyond needless to say that the next game is a must-win. Whether or not the Warriors can get some of that Red Priestess action and get Jon Snowed remains to be seen. If the Warriors can take Game 4, the series is tied at 2-2 with the Dubs reclaiming homecourt advantage and last night is a foggy memory of a thing that may not have even happened. If they lose Game 4, this series and season is over. Being down 3-1 against this Thunders team is a done deal. No, it’s not about not having faith or any other such silly thing. It’s about looking reality in its cold, dead eyes and knowing it’s time. If the Warriors lose Game 4, they’re Bernie Sanders — theoretically possible; not going to happen.

Etcetera: Draymond Green straight up kicked the Thunders’ Steven Adams right in the dick. You can see it here (fellas, bring your knees together first though—it’s gonna hurt):

I am, admittedly, the least qualified person to judge this because I am the most annoyingly homer fan you’ll ever meet, so all I see is Draymond flailing to regain control of the ball while an errant leg incidentally neuters Steven Adams. Other people see malicious intent. People are different! Draymond might get suspended for this play. If he does, a shitshow will ensue. If he doesn’t, a shitshow will ensue. My prediction: a shitshow.

Western Conference Finals
Golden State Warriors (1) v. Oklahoma City Thunder (3)
Warriors trail series 1-2

Game 1: Warriors LOST, 108-102
Game 2: Warriors WON, 118-91
Game 3: Warriors LOST, 133-105
Game 4: Warriors at Oklahoma City, Tuesday, May 24, 6 PM, TNT
Game 5: Warriors at home, Thursday, May 26, 6 PM, TNT
Game 6: Warriors at Oklahoma City, Saturday, May 28, 6 PM, TNT
Game 7: Warriors at home, Monday, May 30, 6 PM, TNT