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While the population of the Castro may be getting a lot straighter, thanks to SFMTA the gayberhood's escalators will be queer as the day is long. Well, at least one of them will be, anyway. The Muni Castro Street Station unveiled a new look yesterday, with the normal white LEDs on one escalator being replaced with rainbow lights. According to Hoodline, the change is part of the SF Municipal Railway’s Escalator Rehabilitation and Upgrade Project, and came at no additional cost as the lights were set to be replaced anyway.

"It's a great idea to use rainbow LED lighting along the Castro Station escalators," Castro supervisor Scott Wiener told the publication. "Harvey Milk Plaza is at the heart of our neighborhood, and sending a clear message about our neighborhood's identity as an LGBT haven is powerful."

This, of course, it not the only recent rainbow to grace the Castro. As you surely remember, in 2014 the crosswalks went fabulous (only to be damaged last week during a film shoot).

Not everyone is thrilled with the new lights, however, and Castro resident and human rights activist Cleve Jones perhaps put it most succinctly. “I think we need to spend less money decorating the streets and more money housing the people that are living on them,” he told Hoodline. “Welcome to gay Disneyland,” he then added.

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