City officials this week released surveillance video from a May 6 protest at City Hall in support of the Frisco Five. According to NBC Bay Area, at least some of those protesters caused roughly $20,000 in damage — and officials want them to pay.

"The tax payers shouldn't have to pay for this damage to a historic building," City Administrator Naomi Kelly told the channel. "This is the people place."

Kelly is referring to damage done to a City Hall metal detector (shown above in a still being tossed down the building's front steps), a window, and some iron work. Kelly is releasing portions of the video in the hope that the public will help her office identify those responsible for the damage.

As reported at the time, roughly 200 people crowded into the building in what, at times, became a very physical protest of the San Francisco Police Department. According to CBS 5, 25 people were arrested and booked on charges of trespassing.

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