Following last night's 108-to-102 win over the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams gave a post-game interview in which he was asked his opinion of how opposing players Steph Curry and Klay Thompson played. According to CBS 5, Adams, who is from New Zealand, described league MVP Curry and his teammate Thompson as playing like "little monkeys."

"I don’t envy guards,” Adams explained in conversation with ESPN's Chris Broussard. “They’re quick little…quick little monkeys, those guys.”


Apparently Adams realized his, shall we say, poor choice of words, as he quickly apologized saying they wouldn't be considered offensive back home. “It was just a poor choice of words, mate,” Adams explained to USA TODAY Sports. “I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t know it was going to upset anyone, but I’m truly sorry."

"It was just a poor choice of words," he continued. "I was just trying to express how difficult it was chasing those guys around.”

Last night's loss put the Warriors down 1 to 0 in the series against the Thunder, and Curry spoke of the loss in conversation with the Chronicle. "We got out of character," he observed. "When you compound turnovers with bad possessions, quick shots and rushed possessions, it makes it seem a lot worse."

The Warriors and the Thunder will play again tomorrow in Oakland, and guess who's going to win.

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