As KRON 4 happily acknowledges, one of the "traditions" of Bay to Breakers — along with being naked and drunk — is having their correspondent Stanley Roberts troll around the panhandle of Golden Gate Park shaming dudes who are peeing on trees. At least one of them this year physically shoved Stanley and his camera as he hovered behind him — and wouldn't you be annoyed if someone showed up so close with a big camera while you were mid-pee?

Yes, once again, some people behaved badly at Bay to Breakers, and some of them had to relieve themselves where they shouldn't have. Also, there was a guy who had taped forty-ounce bottles of beer to his hands, with clear packing tape, and Stanley has footage of a security officer telling him he was going to have to throw his entire self into the trashcan unless he de-attached those bottles.

Stanley promises that he has more footage yet to come, and we'll add that here as soon as it arrives.

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