The driver who allegedly ran a cyclist down in front of a large group of Bike to Work Day celebrants is out on bail today, following her arrest and booking into San Francisco County Jail Thursday.

According to the San Francisco Police department, the driver that they say ran over a cyclist after a brief verbal altercation during the Thursday commute is 18-year-old Oakland resident Taj'zanae Zakira Thomas.

As reported Friday, police say that at 4:55 p.m. Thursday, after a near-miss with Thomas' red Hyundai Accent, a 26-year-old male cyclist "banged on the window" of the vehicle, then passed the car and took his place in the lane in front of her near Fourth and Market Streets.

Police say that Thomas then ran the cyclist "over...with her vehicle" in what police characterize as an "Assault (Vehicle vs. Bicycle)"

According to the LA Times, Thomas "hit the man’s bicycle, knocking him over. She then drove directly over him and paused."

Witnesses, including volunteers from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition who were facilitating Thursday's Bike to Work Day commute, told police that Thomas then attempted to flee, but was blocked from doing so by the crowd that had gathered after the collision.

Thomas was arrested at the scene, police say, and was booked into SF County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. According to a spokesperson with the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, she has since been released on bail.

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