A SFPD officer appears to have struck a cyclist yesterday with his vehicle, as video clearly shows the car signaling a right-hand turn before its driver swung left — right into the bike lane and the man riding in it — sending the biker flying.

In a comment on Hoodline, Tim Doyle writes that he is the man shown being hit by the car, and he detailed what he says went down.

I got hit by a SFPD car at 5:45pm at 2nd and Mission. At Least I got hit by a cop who didn't try to flee. He called an ambulance for me. But I did see that a bit of a lie trying to be put into the report that the lights and siren were on. Not true. The cop car was in a parking space alongside 2nd street and without looking or seeing me just pulled out into my lane as I was doing 25mph and I t-boned the cop car. I flew 15 feet through the air and landed flat on my back. Spent 10 hours in the SFGH Emergency Department and was discharged with a few cracked bones and a gnarly right leg wound.

In the video, which has no sound, it does not appear that the car's sirens were engaged at the time of the collision. Doyle told SFist that he was riding from his home in North Beach to an event at 505 Howard when the crash occurred. "I am so glad this was captured," he observed. "Neither me or the reporting cops knew this video existed and I was a little skeptical of the SFPD report interviewer implying that there emergency lights were on. They surely won't claim that now that the video proves they had no sirens or lights."

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