The Wachowskis, whom we can now refer to as the Wachowski sisters, have returned to do some location shooting in San Francisco for the new season of their Netflix original series Sense8. You may have seen them filming in Dolores Park last year, and other locations, and on Thursday they were in Alamo Square using the dramatic Westerfeld House for a shoot.

According to Instagram, Lana Wachowski at least and her crew were in Mumbai shooting there, and perhaps only flew in yesterday.

The show, which gathered a cult following in its first season, centers on eight "sensates" who are "otherwise normal humans who are mentally and emotionally connected and who are able to communicate, sense and use each other's knowledge, language and skills," per Wikipedia. They span the globe, and thus so does the production, with San Francisco being just one of two US cities featured — the other being Chicago.