Earlier today the Chronicle took not San Francisco-based frozen treat maker Haagen Dazs to task for a BART ad depicting ice cream adjacent to some version of a programming language. "> vanilla = ["cream", "milk", "sugar", "eggs", "vanilla"]:," reads the the add in part. This, apparently, was just took much for the paper.

"Commuters at the Montgomery St. BART station were recently greeted by this monstrosity of a Haagen Dazs ad, targeting tech workers with its desperate attempt at making ice cream high-tech," reads the story in part. "Haagen Dazs is a 56-year-old company that makes frozen desserts. It does not need to pander to tech workers to sell ice cream, a delicious food item that has nothing to do with Silicon Valley."

The ad is reportedly on display at the Montgomery BART Station, and although definitely a little silly, is it really that bad? A quick Twitter search reveals that the Chronicle looks to be the only one complaining about it, with at least one person coming to the defense of Haagen Dazs.

And while sure, please keep code out of my secret breakfast thank you very much, the Chron's manufactured outrage doesn't appear to accomplish much. Other than to make me want ice cream, that is.

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