Two Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies were charged today for their alleged role in last November's Mission District beating of Stanislav Petrov. According to a press release sent out from the Office of District Attorney George Gascón, Deputy Sheriff Luis Santamaria, a fourteen year veteran, and Deputy Sheriff Paul Wieber, a three year veteran, have both been charged with three felonies.

"Policing that violates our constitutional rights damages the reputation of every person that wears the uniform, and it damages the public’s perception of those that are sworn to serve.” District Attorney George Gascón wrote in the release. “When officers take the law into their own hands, they undermine the moral authority of the entire criminal justice system.”

Santamaria and Wieber were each charged with "assault under color of authority," "battery with serious bodily injury," and "assault with a deadly weapon."

As you will likely remember, the deputies had allegedly chased Petrov at high speeds across the Bay Bridge after he crashed into two police cars — injuring one deputy in the process — before the deputies caught up with him. Once they did finally apprehend him, video shows what appears to be the two officers striking Petrov repeatedly as, according the the DA's press release, he yelled “I’m sorry,” “Help me,” and “Oh my God.”

"Court documents outline numerous injuries that Mr. Petrov sustained as a result of this assault: a concussion, multiple broken bones in both hands, a mild traumatic brain injury, and deep lacerations to his head," the press release observes.

Meanwhile, according to Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, Wieber and Santamaria remain on paid leave. "I know both deputies very well and they have outstanding work history,” Ahern told the Chronicle. “They are both very good, hardworking employees and this is a bad event for them. They’re going to have to explain each and every strike, each and every word they wrote (in their reports) and all their actions.”

Not charged at this time, but also under investigation, is a third deputy who allegedly used items stolen from Petrov to bribe witnesses into remaining quiet. Bail has been set at $140,000 for each deputy.

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