SF Chronicle columnist and CBS 5 correspondent Phil Matier sat down for some one-on-one time Friday with Hillary Clinton before a rally she attended in Oakland — which was followed by a fundraiser Friday evening at The Masonic on Nob Hill. In the brief interview, which you can see above, Clinton talks about how she's not concerned with what Donald Trump is going to have to say about her as they begin campaigning against each other ("He traffics in insults," she says.).

Asked about the marijuana legalization ballot measure in California, she says, "I'd have to study it," and says overall she thinks more research has to be done to make sure that medical marijuana is being used to its best effect. And she says, "I’m interested in following and evaluating what states are doing. I really do think states are the laboratories of democracy. I am supportive of using the laws to create more incentive study marijuana, particularly for medicinal use.”

As for SF's Sanctuary City policy and the widely reported on case of the murder of Kathryn Steinle last year, Clinton says she does not believe that violent offenders or those with criminal records should be spared deportation.

Also, she says, "California absolutely counts," when asked whether the primary is even going to matter this late in the game.

Below, an unedited extended excerpt from Matier's interview.