In perhaps a call back to the halcyon hipster-filled days of the 2000s, a tagger has looked past the tech boogeyman of today to decry a different foe allegedly embodied by a new mural on Mission just south of Randall Street. The work, reports Bernalwood, is by artist Josh Talbott and was commissioned by the College Hill Neighborhood Association. Apparently Talbott finished it up this past weekend, and it was only a few days before someone had wrote over the piece in red spray paint.

"NO HIPSTER ART," reads the message scrawled atop the image of a hand holding a marble. Which, what? Even if there is such a thing as "hipster art," which is debatable, it's hard to see how this piece fits into that category.

Bernalwood goes so far as to call the tagging "bigoted," which I think we can all agree is a bit hyperbolic. But yeah, it sucks when murals get defaced — whether it be anti-hipster nonsense or actual bigotry as evidenced in the repeated attempts to silence members of the LGBTQ community. And once upon a time, nobody tagged street art, because that was just not done.

According to neighbors, Talbott has already restored the mural. As for the long-absent "hipster"? We don't see them coming back so quickly.

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