Levi's presence in markets, not to mention on Market Street, might be so ubiquitous as to fade into the background.

Not for serious denim heads, as die-hard jean enthusiasts term themselves: For them, the brand hasn't lost its luster since some Bavarian dude opened up shop in San Francisco, selling work wear at 90 Sacramento Street in 1853.

So it is with the team behind the website Heddels (née Rawr Denim), who took a pilgrimage to Levi's plaza to talk to the senior designer for Levi's vintage clothing, Paul O’Neill.

O'Neill draws inspiration for his line of recreated styles from the garments of yesteryear, each carefully preserved in a literal vault and chronicled by literal archivist Anastasia Fink. Forget vintage. From now on, I want my clothing to be archival.

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