You thought maybe the rain was over — I definitely did! — but then there was that surprise mini-downpour early in the morning last Friday and there's still more rain coming this first week in May, as the Chron tells us via the National Weather Service. Though the rain is expected to be spotty around the Bay, clouds will be hovering and temperatures will be dipping Tuesday through Friday, with average temps about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. Thanks, El Nino!

For the record, that doesn't sound too super cold for SF, with Weather Underground saying we'll have highs hovering around 60 degrees through the week, but the morning lows could prove mighty chilly at around 50 degrees. They also put our chance of rain in the city at only 20 percent through Friday, at which point we'll have a 50 percent chance of showers in the morning on Friday.

Also this means a bit more snow to cap off the ski season in Tahoe, for those whose house shares aren't quite finished.

Another ridge of high pressure is headed toward us by Sunday, though, with temperatures going up to the low 70's by early next week, which is more like it — and more typical — for early May.

Until then, get back to the gym and make the most of these few chillier days, because swimsuit weather is bound to return soon enough.