You know we have a local hockey team, right? Yes, the San Jose Sharks, and evidently a stray black cat snuck his way into their arena, the SAP Center, and made his way onto the ice on Friday night before a game, at which point he was cheered on by a roaring crowd, and went running for his life at the sound.

As KRON 4 reports, the cat finally found an open door off the rink, "escaped beneath the seating stands" and then was finally retrieved by SAP Center staff.

He's been nicknamed "Joe PAW-velski," in honor of team captain Joe Pavelski, and he's receiving a health check at a local shelter before potentially going up for adoption — that is unless he's been microchipped. If he's lucky, he'll soon find a nice home just like runaway Bay Bridge Chihuahua Ponch.

According to CBS 5
, Joe P. the cat has become an "internet sensation," and in fact, he did make national news on CBS Sports.

And perhaps this black cat was a good luck charm, because the team went on that night to beat the Nashville Predators 5-2.