A man with a "multistate criminal history" has another item for his rap sheet, after he allegedly took a huge piss on the cabin floor of a plane shortly after it left San Francisco International Airport.

Officials don't know what 28-year-old Ludlow, Kentucky resident Jordan Robert Gardner (that's him on the right, in what looks like a casting shot for Justified, but is actually an undated booking photo provided by the North Carolina's Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department) was doing in the Bay Area last week, but it's clear that he ended his visit with a bang!

After what he described as "only" two double shots of vodka at a bar at SFO, Gardner boarded a Charlotte-bound plane Saturday night. That's when the trouble began. According to an affidavit filed by the FBI and reported by the Charlotte Observer, about an hour later Gardner "pulled his pants down, arched his back, and urinated on the floor of the airplane."

"The passenger sitting next to Gardner summoned a flight attendant, who saw Gardner pulling up his pants." Even though the deed had clearly been done, she sent him to the bathroom, where she found him passed out on its floor 15 minutes later.

"The flight attendant tried to clean the urine with club soda, but it still smelled when the plane landed at Charlotte Douglas," the Observer reports.

When the plane landed at 7:45 a.m. local time on Sunday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were there to greet him, and reported that they "could still smell alcohol on his breath 11 hours after the flight took off."

Then again, maybe it wasn't booze after all, as the FBI says that Gardner blamed the alcohol smell on "the gum he was chewing." Ah, yes, "Violent Vodka" Hubba Bubba! I know it well.

According to the FBI, Gardner has charges and arrests in multiple states "for things such as battery, trespassing, auto theft, passing bad checks, being under the influence and vandalism." And now he has a new one: A criminal complaint of destruction of aircraft, for which he will appear in Mecklenburg County court on Thursday.