Remember the most expensive penthouse in San Francisco, the LUMINA tower B in SoMa, which listed for a price of $49 million last year? Well it's a cheap piece of trash...

... when you compare it to what Socketsite says will be an even grander — and far roomier — domicile, this one atop a planned tower at 68 First Street.

Best of all? There, on the 60th floor, you can live high above the peasants, comfortably removed from their tiresome, agonizing screams. The LUMINA's penthouse, by comparison, sits low to the ground, occupying the 41st and 42nd floors.

Of course, as Socketsite previously has reported, 68 First Street, the second-tallest building aimed at the San Francisco skyline, won't be ready for occupancy until 2019 or 2020. I say don't fret. Any "war on the rich" sort of wealth redistribution is at least decades away.

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