Two days after San Francisco's massive 4/20 celebration of everything cannabis and the mess, officials say, is finally cleaned up. According to Supervisor London Breed, past 4/20s have left "over 10,000 pounds of litter" in Golden Gate Park, which seems like amateur hour compared to this year's trash trove. Let's look at the numbers!

  • 8,000: The estimated number of attendees at this year's 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park
  • 36: The approximate number of Rec and Park workers dedicated to post-event cleanup
  • 17,000: The number of pounds of trash left at the 4/20/15 celebration, according to San Francisco Recreation and Park Department spokesman Joey Kahn
  • 22,000: The number of pounds of trash left this year
  • $20,000: The amount of money SF spent on labor to clean that garbage up
  • $3,500: The amount of money SF spent on "materials and supplies like portable toilets"
  • $1,500: The fee SF must pay to dump all that junk
  • $25,000: The additional amount needed in cleanup "staff and city services for Wednesday and Thursday," Rec and Parks chief Phil Ginsberg says
  • $300: "To put [the 4/20 cleanup costs] in perspective," Ginsberg says, "we can send one kid to summer camp for a week, for free, for about $300"

Facts and figures: 22K pounds of trash left behind after 4/20 celebration; 8 people arrested, Bay City News
22,000 Pounds of Trash Left After 4/20 Smokeout: SF Park and Rec, NBC Bay Area

Eleven tons of trash left after San Francisco 420 smokeout, Reuters

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