Compared to last year, many more of the tech-employed are trying to flee the Bay Area, and of those looking to relocate, about half are hoping to move to New York. This is according to a new survey by tech recruiting firm/job-hunting platform, republished by the Business Times, that finds that salary expectations in the Bay Area have slipped between the first quarter of 2015 and now, and 29 percent of tech talent is looking to relocate, compared to 22 percent at this time last year.

Out of those looking to relocate, 47 percent want to go to New York, if possible, compare to 37.5 percent a year ago. And this isn't too shabby of a sample either — this data comes from some 5,000 tech workers who submitted info to the Woo platform between January and March.

Should this come as big news? The figurative road back and forth between NY and SF is a well worn one, and given how many ambitious types relocated here from there during this tech gold rush, it only makes sense that there are plenty who'd be happy to move back now that things seem to be slowing down.

Or maybe they've just gotten tired of looking for a livable apartment that doesn't cost $4,000, though those can be hard to come by in New York as well. But there, there are far more neighborhoods to chose from, and a lot more trains.

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