While the only glass many Californians want between them and their marijuana might be in the form of a bong, museum patrons can soon see plenty of pot, presented behind glass like artwork or artifact, at the Oakland Museum of California.

There, from April 16 through September 25, cannabis varieties, including strains you can sniff and plants you can see, will be on display as part of the exhibit Altered State.

"We are interested in giving Californian’s a place to have good conversations about the issue as we lead up to the vote in November,” the exhibit’s curator, Sarah Seiter, tells CBS SF, referring to a much-anticipated referendum on recreational pot use. The museum is not taking a position on that measure.

Kelly McKlinely, the Director of Curatorial at the museum, added, “It’s by looking at these stories of the past that we can glean the lessons that we can bring forward…into the decisions we’re making today."

As part of the exhibit, you can see years of PSAs addressing the substance or share your own stories, positive and negative, in a confession booth. Hopefully, you'll take away some lessons you won't soon forget.

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