The extremely lovable, rascally Chihuahua named Ponch captured our hearts earlier this month after leading California Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase across the upper deck of the western span of the Bay Bridge. The little guy appeared to want to leave it all (or at least the East Bay) behind and run toward the horizon with the sun at his face and troubles at his back — and hey, we can all relate. Well, after hanging out for over a week at a San Francisco Animal Control & Care Shelter, it appears Ponch will be granted his wish to start over. No one showed up to claim him, and so now he's up for adoption.

"This sweet, tender boy will be at his very best with an adopter that has previous experience with small/shy dogs," reads the Facebook post announcing his eligibility. "A gentle, mellow, adults-only home will help our hero blossom into a confident city-savvy dog but this will take time and patience."

As noted above, the posting emphasizes that Ponch needs an adult home (sorry kiddies!), and that experience with small and shy dogs is a must. Also, we're guessing a bit of a rebellious streak would go a long way toward making this free spirit feel right at home. After all, remember, he's a wild one.

If you're interested in adopting Ponch, send an email to Animal Control & Care at [email protected].

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