The cuteness factor was outta here Friday night as dogs dressed in San Francisco Giants apparel rallied at SoMa StrEat Food Park for a Giants game viewing party. While the humans and dog owners took in the Giants-Dodgers game on a big screen at the outdoor food truck venue, dozens of adorable pooches and pups showed off their best Giants gear while barking, wagging tails and sniffing one another’s rear ends. SFist was on hand to get pictures and video of the paw-ty proceedings (before the rain started).


Here we see Valentino, an Italian greyhound chihuahua mix whose repurposed t-shirt
Is smartly held in place with back leg fasteners that ensure his Giants logo is always on display. ”Valentino’s costume was made with a total investment of 88 cents at the As-Is Goodwill store,” his owner Analytica said.

Image: Joe Kukura

The event was a benefit for Copper’s Dream Animal Rescue and sponsored by Woofspot — an app that’s kind of a Facebook for dogs. “As dog parents, we felt it was fun and useful to know dogs in your neighborhood,” Woofspot co-founder and CEO Davy Chang told SFist, “then you can rely on them for support, you can ping them to have meetups and playdates, and just make that experience of owning a dog more fun.”

Image: Joe Kukura

The bandanna’ed pups begging for treats above are Kaiya and Nui. “They’re definitely huge Giants fans,” said owner Moriah Weiner, herself a San Francisco dog walker. “They’re raised Giants fans in our household.”

Image: Joe Kukura

A best dressed contest was emceed by KOIT morning host Charly Kayle, seen above getting a passionate french kiss from her pooch.

Image: Joe Kukura

A series of “only in San Francisco” dog services were set up to pamper the pups, including a dog masseuse and a bakery giving away the gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free dog treats seen below.

Image: Joe Kukura

The Giants rallied for a win when Brandon Crawford hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning, leaving these four-legged Giants fans with plenty to yap about on their way home.

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Image: Joe Kukura