Partial video of yesterday's shooting has emerged, depicting police firing multiple shots within 30 seconds of the first officer on scene's exit of his squad car. The surveillance video was provided anonymously to the Chronicle today, and appears to be a Nest security cam from a nearby business or home.

Frustratingly, the now deceased man accused by police of charging at them with a kitchen knife — a claim disputed by several witnesses — is never in frame. But this likely won't be the only video of the incident that we will see.

The video begins with three squad cars arriving on Shotwell Street, and one officer exiting his car with what appears to be a shotgun equipped to fire non-lethal bean bag rounds. Approximately nine seconds after exiting the car, the officer cocks the shotgun and commands the (off camera) non-English speaker to "get on the ground." After repeating the command one time, the same officer yes "put that down" while another says to "put it down." It is almost immediately after this that the shots are fired.

Officers reportedly shot four beanbag rounds and seven bullets, all in quick succession, as you can sort of hear. Naturally, some of the first questions being asked a news conference today are about how this could in any way be considered "de-escalation" when there seems to have been no pause between the beanbags and the bullets.

The victim has been identified as 45-year-old Luis Gongora, reports KRON 4. He died yesterday at roughly 1:00 p.m. while being treated at SF General.

The post has been updated with the identity of the deceased.

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