According to the District Attorney's office, San Francisco police officers texted each other racist and homophobic remarks making light of the unfolding, so-called racist SFPD texting scandal that roiled the department itself. That incident ultimately led to naught save, perhaps, sticking taxpayers with the legal fees, since due to statute of limitations exclusions, those original texts were deemed too old to be considered. But now, in a bit of irony, the Examiner writes that DA Gascon claims to have caught even more hate-texters red-thumbed, this time in texts that date to 2014 and 2015.

“We were in the middle of an investigation and we discovered new racist and homophobic text messages that were being used,” Gascon told the Ex, explaining that his office had scoured roughly 5,000 pages of text messages as part of a criminal case. “The N word was used many times. They are of the same nature…as what we saw last year,” he added, while noting that “These officers are completely unconnected with the 14 we saw last year.” This time, five officers are being fingered.

The DA's blue-ribbon panel, which seeks to rout what he calls an "old boys club" in the Police Department, hasn't been wildly successful as he wars with Chief Suhr. In fact, so far it's turned up an accusation that Gascon was himself responsible for racist remarks while he was on the force himself. This kind of recent finding might be more what Gascon had in mind. “No one can say with a straight face now with these new text message that they are isolated,” Gascon said.

Seriously though? Didn't they learn the first time that the DA is reading all their texts!?

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