UC Berkeley, along with other colleges across the country, was on the receiving end of notoriously racist hacker Weev's malicious boredom last week. Weev, whose real name is Andrew Auernheimer, forced a hoard of printers at over a dozen schools to print out antisemitic fliers covered in swastikas and statements about "the struggle for global white supremacy,” the New York Times reports. Auernheimer confirmed to the Times that he was responsible, and said that he sent the messages to every publicly accessible printer in the country.

"My motivation is this," the POS scumbag told the Times on Monday. "White cultures and only white cultures are subject to an invasion of foreigners.”

At one point in time Auernheimer was a regular at Noisebridge, a San Francisco hackerspace. In 2013, Uptown Almanac reported on allegations of aggressive sexism and antisemitism made against the man by a fellow member of the anarchist space. Auernheimer was also in the news in 2010 for accessing the data of AT&T customers.

In addition to UC Berkeley, the Times reports fliers as printing at Princeton, Smith College, Brown University, the University of Massachusetts, and Mount Holyoke College. The flyers printed out at several UC Berkeley department buildings, confirms CBS 5, and come shortly after UC regents voted that “anti-Semitic forms" of “anti-Zionism” will be considered discrimination.

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