While this could spell sad news for fans of Virgin America and their guaranteed-to-be-pretty-comfortable and wi-fi-equipped planes, the company has reportedly put itself up for sale and now Bloomberg reports that they've received a pair of buyout offers so far. The Richard Branson-owned Virgin, based in Burlingame, launched nine years ago but only went public 18 months ago.

The move comes after reported earnings of $201.5 million in 2015, the largest in the company's history. And the takeover bids came mighty fast, less than a week after Virgin announced it might be courting a buyer.

As Consumerist notes
, Virgin could very well still call the whole thing off. However "sources say that if talks continue an official sale could be announced as soon as next week."

JetBlue, at the moment, seems like the more likely buyer, per Bloomberg, allowing the company to immediately expand its presence in, and routes out of, San Francisco and LA.

However a much bigger airline, like Delta, could step into the mix before all is said and done as well. Delta had mulled a merger with sister airline Virgin Atlantic back in 2012.

So far, no one is commenting on this pending negotiation, or which suitor Virgin might be entering talks with first.

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