Between the recent violent assault of a couple, a wave of armed robberies, and at least two apparently random (and still unsolved) homicides in Duboce Triangle, residents are worried that crime in their once-sleepy neighborhood is out of control. Will a Town Hall meeting with those tasked to fight those crimes help assuage those fears?

That's what the San Francisco Police Department apparently hopes, as they announced on Saturday morning that they would be holding a "Crime & Quality of Life Town Hall Meeting" for Duboce Triangle residents at 6 p.m. Monday.

According to the event announcement, "Captain Sanford Jr. and the members of the Park Police Station will be present. Please come hear the Captain's strategic plan for addressing Crime & Quality of Life in the Duboce Triangle."

The meeting is scheduled to run from 6-8 p.m. Monday at the Harvey Milk Recreation Center at 50 Scott Street, and a ttendees are urged to "Bring your questions and concerns."

If the last area community meeting, held to discuss the proposed sex offender clinic at Church and Duboce, is any indication, I suspect that neither questions nor concerns will be in short supply.