Google Glass, amirite folks? The much-ridiculed and short-lived face-computers officially got the axe early last year when Google announced it was halting their sale. However, we learned late last year that Alphabet intended to develop and sell a version of the glasses for industrial use only. The so-called "enterprise edition," which was never released, was said to offer a larger prism and appeared in part to be a face-saving move by the company to prove that there was some kind of use for the things after all. Well, despite whatever the intended purpose may have originally been, it seems someone has found their own use for the new-and-improved enterprise Glass: Scoring quick cash at a pawn shop.

“I’m assuming someone sold it to us or someone pawned it to us and didn’t come back for it — the only two possibilities,” Joseph Julian of A to Z Pawnbrokers told Silicon Beat. The pawn shop, which has several Bay Area locations, listed the goods on eBay. The bidding currently sits at $9,100.

Ars Technica reached out to X ("as in, the former Google X") to confirm that the product is in fact what the listing claims it to be, but was merely told their query would be passed on to the press office. We're sure they'll be in touch posthaste.

As to exactly where this specific pair came from, we can only guess. The Wall Street Journal reported last summer that Alphabet intended to "quietly [distribute] a new version of its Glass wearable computer aimed at businesses in industries such as health care, manufacturing and energy." Assuming they did indeed do so, it appears that even Glass-wearers in specialized industries may have come to the conclusion that the value to be found in the face-computers is in their resale.


Photo via eBay.

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Photo via eBay.